More Einstein's Garden Line-UpPosted Wed 12 Jun. 2019

More added to Einstein's Garden line-up

Calling the incurably curious! Enter Einstein’s Garden to be flabbergasted by our natural world, blown away by cutting edge science and tickled by chaotic comedy while feasting your ears on our musical delights.

Be amazed at the plants and animals around you as the Nomadic Museum of Natural History rolls into Einstein’s Garden, bringing skulls, poo, plants and more. Discover how your small actions can make big differences to the wildlife around us as you construct your very own bug hotel with Gareth James and explore how a bucket of rainwater in your garden could be home to hundreds of organisms with Jules Howard. Join one of our infamous wildlife walks to get up close and personal with bugs, trees, earthworms, edible food and creatures lurking in the water.

Flux Dance and Oxford University will be showcasing the latest heart research through pop up dance performances around the Garden. Yolanda Ohene shares how she’s braved probes, radiation and high magnetic fields to find her inner selfie, Scary Boots explores why you might not be ready for this shape-changing jelly and the University of Leicester bring the Northern Lights to Einstein’s Garden

In the Omni Tent, LUNA explores our fascination with the moon and space exploration through theatre in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo moon landings. Our Dr Who Rave invites you to step into the time vortex and dance the night away to time-travelling party tunes. The Rising Ape Collective returns with a choose-your-own-adventure game for the whole audience to play.

Our Workshop Dome is full to the brim with fantastic activities to inspire the most creative brains among you. Join Sustainable Food Story for an eco-gastronomic time, help the Wellcome Centre for Human Neuroimaging design helmets to measure what’s going on in your brain and build your own mutant monster with Phil Bell-Young.

Bust taboos, and overcome your ickiness as Our Disgusting Planet and TMI Science angle their grubby lenses at the disgusting and shocking hidden corners of science. For more extreme entertainment, watch improvisation, comedy, chaos and silliness collide at the speed of light squared in The No-Ball Prizes.

In need of even more giggles, chuckles and guffaws? Steve Cross presides over the world’s worst behaved science comedy panel show while Kyle D Evans combines maths, pop and comedy in Pop Songs for Pedants.

Over on the Solar Stage, get distracted by musical delights including Waitress for the Bees, Poco Drom, The Minke Whales, Edd Keene, Being 747, Lori Campbell and Emily Magpie. Julu & Heg bring history, mythology and personal experience to life through a fresh approach to folk music while Emer Maguire brings her unforgettable and hilarious self-penned songs on love and more and Total Bike Forever take to the stage following an around-the-world search for the golden muse through 26 countries on bicycle.

There’ll be more surprises hiding elsewhere in the garden as Noisy Toys offer to test your nose with their Audio Assault Buggy and the Hull Street Scientists delve into their box of tricks. Wild Solar will bring solar powered phone charging alongside a range of workshops such as charcoal making, wood carving and willow weaving.

We can’t wait to see you in the Garden this August!

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