Einstein's Garden Needs You!Posted Tue 4 Aug. 2015

With two weeks to go, the sun has been shining on Einstein’s Garden. We’re getting very excited about bringing this year’s creative concoction of science, art and nature to life.

First off — are you a Green Man veteran with a ticket for this year’s festival? Could you spare an hour over a cuppa to discuss Einstein’s Garden with us in a small group? There’s an official Green Man bag in it for you (as well as the pleasure of our company). If you would be happy to take part in a small focus group during your time at GM15, please send an email to info@greenman.net with the subject line ‘EG focus group’ for more details.


Manned by representatives from universities and learned societies around the country, the Science Stalls are at the very heart of Einstein’s Garden — the place where you can watch researchers share their knowledge in delightful, amusing and inspiring ways. Here’s the full line-up of Science Stalls for Green Man 2015...

Aberystwyth Physics Buskers — Aberystwyth University
Visiting Green Man Festival once again to share their love of science, Aberystwyth Physics Department will be bringing an interactive model of gravity and spacetime that is suitable for all ages to play with, as well as looking to the skies with their solar telescopes!

Bar to the Future — University of Bristol
How will scientific research happening today affect the bars of tomorrow? Researchers from the Integrative Epidemiology Unit (IEU) and the Tobacco and Alcohol Research Group (TARG) have some answers. Join them to find out how glass shape and bar design affect drinking behaviour, explore how alcohol affects visual perception, and much more.

Carry on Cartoon Camping — Dementia and Imagination Programme
Move over Sid and Babs, there are two new happy campers in town. Hosted by the Dementia and Imagination Research Team, cartoon couple Doris and Ivor’s campsite will celebrate humour, living in the moment and dispelling the myths on 'going a bit funny'.

Dr Skelfie and the Mobile Stem Cell Lab — The University of Edinburgh
Dr Skelfie is a scientist at the University of Edinburgh’s MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine — and a skeleton…! She loves hanging out and meeting people, so drop by for a chat about stem cells, see her mobile lab and take some pictures together in her photo booth!

Freaky Flies
Learn about how you develop from just a single cell, race against the clock to test your DNA copying skills and play around with genes to build your own ‘freaky fly’ mutant. Think you tell the difference between a chicken and a mouse? It’s a lot harder than you think…

Get Plastered — Ty Mawr
Ty Mawr Lime are spreading the word about traditional building skills using environmentally friendly approaches and materials. There will also be an opportunity to see regular displays of lime plastering, pargetting and plaster casting.

Guerilla Archaeology — Cardiff University
Discover how archaeologists of the future might interpret our lives from what we leave behind, and how cutting edge technologies help us understand the past. See images of some of the buried archaeology underneath the festival, learn about the prehistoric Fish Stone and much more.

Psychophysics! — National Physical Laboratory
Not quite as melodramatic as it sounds, ‘Psychophysics’ bridges human perception and physical measurement. This stand investigates how well you can estimate quantities like mass, length and time. You’ll probably be astonished at how poorly you do, and might never trust your senses again!

Renewable Revolution — University of Bath
Ever played PacMan using a banana? Or charged your phone just by eating breakfast? Come and explore the ways in which we can use renewable materials in our everyday lives. Get your daily workout on their Bubble Bike and put that pub darts practice to the test in the Future Fuels Darts game.

Sex & Bugs & Rock ‘n Roll — The British Ecological Society
The British Ecological Society, as ‘Sex & Bugs & Rock ‘n Roll’, will be sharing their passion for ecology with Green Man. Drop round to their stall for your chance to take part in activities such as 'How gross is your festival kit?’ or the ‘Whose poo?’ game, or simply enjoy a chat with one of their ecologists.

Splat Anatomy
Test your wits and coordination with this life-sized game of ‘Operation’. Specially built for Green Man, this challenging game has hidden surprises in store and includes special features such as keyhole surgery. Remove all the items without alarming the patient to be added to the hall of fame!

St Vincent - The Volcano! — University of Oxford
A hub for thinking about what it is like to live with an active volcano as your neighbour. Creative and hands-on activities will take place around and inside a spectacular scale model of the active Soufrière volcano (St Vincent, West Indies). How could you prepare for, respond to and recover from an eruption?

Sun Shack — Swansea University
Come and learn about the latest developments in renewable energy at the Sun Shack, sponsored by SPECIFIC, Materials:Live! and the Royal Society of Chemistry. Test your very own solar cell, build a battery and use it to power their unique lighting feature, make an edible model of a solar cell and more.

The Bone Lab — UCL
Find out what we can learn from looking at bones with this team of evolutionary biologists, biological anthropologists, and bioarchaeologists. See some specimens, or join in with daily yoga and movement sessions to learn about how our bones grow, change, and shape our lives.

The Forecast Factory — The Met Office
The weather affects everyone, but have you ever wondered how weather forecasts are made? Meet scientists from the Met Office and Royal Meteorological Society and find out how to turn the weather observations being collected around the world right now into tomorrow’s forecast.

The Hormone Games — Society for Endocrinology
Explore the dynamic world of hormones through a range of funfair-style games. Discover how factors like stress, drinking alcohol and staying up late can cause havoc with this fine-tuned system, while testing your strength, playing hoopla, and even making your own body clock!

The Rocket Garden — National Space Centre
Design, build and launch your own rocket, learn what stars are made of by making your own spectroscope, dig deep in their rocket garden to discover the plants that thrive in microgravity and learn how we live and work in space.

Think: Green Futures — University of Birmingham
Come and find out about the research that might just affect your future, from hydrogen fuel and carbon capture to the healing potential of music for brain disorders. You’ll be able to build your own electrolyser, see dry ice in action or try your hand at therapeutic drumming.

UCell — UCL
The UCell stack is twice as energy efficient as a conventional diesel engine, with water vapour as its only by-product. What’s more, UCell will be providing electricity for our own Omni Tent! Come and inspect this ingenious fuel cell system to your heart’s content, and learn more about the science behind it.

Y Cwtch Blodyn — National Botanic Garden of Wales
Bee the Future: find out about planting for pollinators, pick the brains of scientists and horticulturalists from the National Botanic Garden of Wales and have some fun making things using natural materials. Every day they will need plenty of help watering all the flowers!

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