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Settler's Pass

Stay for a whole week!

Stay for a whole week! Your ticket to an adventure longer and more fruitful than you could ever have imagined; deep into the verdant heart of Green Man Land.


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You will be camping in the festival campsite so will be able to pitch your tent and stay in the same place throughout the festival. The campsite will have its own regularly cleaned toilets, hot showers, a small bar serving a great range of drinks and a food outlet selling tasty meals throughout the day. There will also be a fire area set slightly away from the tent and an ample supply of firewood, we would like to encourage people to bring their instruments with them and join in with the Green Man tradition of jamming sessions around the campfire.

Please bear in mind that during this time and the festival will still be being built, so you will not be able to go into the main event area. If you have a car you will be able to come and go as you please, however if you are in a campervan, once you have parked in the campsite you won’t be able to move it until after the festival finishes (this is to prevent damage to the ground before the festival starts).

Why a week is worth it

Remember that haunting feeling that your Green Man stay was too brief? Well we've taken that very feeling and turned it into something positive. Something truly special.

With a Settler's Pass you can extend your Green Man experience to seven sacred days. Camp with us. Eat, drink and be merry. Breathe in the wild Welsh air. Look up at the stars and let us teach you about them. Share stories, laughter, moments that become memories. Memories that become legends. We are the special ones; the Green Man's Settlers.

Green Man Camping

Green Man has separate areas for General Camping, Family Camping, Quiet Camping, Live-in Vehicle Camping and Disabled Camping - all equipped with plentiful toilets (cleaned at regular intervals to prevent nasty niffs) as well as hot showers, fresh water taps and rubbish and recycling facilities.

Please note that all campsites close and must be empty by 3pm on the Monday following the festival, so raging hangover or not, don’t get locked in and left behind!

Please be a happy camper and clean up after yourself to leave our beautiful site as near as possible to how you found it. Leaving tents/airbeds/people behind is not big or clever

Camping in style!

Come rain or shine, festivals are all about great music, great friends, great times - and with the help of the tent fairy, Tangerine Fields can make things extra special and ultra easy.

Imagine arriving at Green Man in the dead of night to find a field of ready-pitched tents and tipis filled with the cosy comforts of brand new air beds, gazebos, sleeping bags and pillows...all you have to do is reserve your tent in advance and carry your beer/children - now available at the Settlement as well!

Tangerine Fields makes the lugging, the hunting and the pitching a thing of the past. If you choose to book a big group, they can guarantee a great spot where you're all camped together, no matter how late you turn up. The sleeping bags are yours to take home and any left behind are donated to various local, national and international charities including Oxfam and Shelter.

Live-in vehicles

Green Man has a dedicated campsite specially for campervans and caravans, but before you buy your Live-In Vehicle ticket please read these simple guidelines that we need to stick to for licensing and safety reasons.


Just so we’re clear, a live-in vehicle is one that is specifically adapted for sleeping, such as a camper van or caravan; strictly no cars are allowed onto the campsite unless they are towing a caravan

There are two types of live in vehicle tickets:

- Campervan Passes, for vehicles under 6m in length, maximum pitch size 6m x 5m
- Motorhome/Caravan Passes for vehicle between 6m & 9m in length, maximum ptich size 9m x 5m.

Larger pitches are not available. If you have space on your pitch you can have a maximum of 1 x small tent or 1 x awning next to your vehicle.

The main Live-in Vehicle Campsite is slightly apart from the other campsites with its own entrance off the A40, so you won’t be very near your friends if they are pitched in the main campsite; there is also a separate, smaller live-in vehicle area just for Settler's Pass holders.

On arrival, all live-in vehicles will be allocated to the next available pitch by our staff; unfortunately we can't pre-allocate or reserve spaces so please arrive together if you want to camp with friends.

This area is used as farmland for the rest of the year so please be aware there are no power hook-ups; however, it is lit with garland lights with taps for drinking water, showers, toilets and toilet-emptying facilities.

Please be aware that the land is uneven grass and it is the owner’s responsibility to decide whether the vehicle is suitable for the terrain in varying weather conditions.

Local lodging

If the thought of camping and the great outdoors fills you with dread, why not sample a little Welsh hospitality at one of the many friendly local B&B’s and hotels in the area which will be more than happy to accommodate you. We recommend the following as a starting point:

At Green Man you will find five licensed bars on site, loads of delicious food stalls catering for all tastes, ages and dietary requirements, a general store selling cigarettes, toiletries and essential camping items, a first aid area, a secure lock-up for valuables (run by CND volunteers), lost property, meeting points and cash machines. The toilets will be cleaned regularly, there are hot showers and there are plenty of standpipes supplying fresh water for washing and drinking.

In short, we’ve got it all covered.

Lodging at Greenman