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Disability Access

We don't want anybody to feel that they can't enjoy Green Man, so we put a lot of effort into making sure it is as accessible as possible for everyone. Attitude is Everything, a charity improving deaf and disabled people's access to live music, has recently awarded us with a Silver Award for our efforts! We recommend checking out the full details of our access before buying a ticket — have a read of the information below. All the information listed below is also available as a PDF download at and easy-reader can be found at

Listen to our 2023 line-up as an audio file at

If you have questions about the information below please contact the accessibility team via email: If you'd like to book a telephone call with the accessibility team to discuss anything in more details please book at

All applications for Accessible Tickets and Passes must be received by 5pm Saturday 29th July 2023.

Secondary Tickets

If you have purchased your ticket through Fanticks please contact to book any of our access facilities, providing your booking reference. Please only buy secondary tickets from Fanticks. PA tickets are strictly nontransferable and cannot be sold.

Accessible Facilities Requiring Advance Booking

Customers should book the following access facilities ahead of time if they require them:

  1. 2 for 1 ticket for a personal assistant (supporting evidence required)
  2. Accessible live-in vehicle pass (supporting evidence required)
  3. Accessible campsite vehicle pass (supporting evidence required)
  4. Accessible car park pass (supporting evidence required)
  5. Viewing platform wristband

Bookings for these facilities will open on the 15th November 2022, the deadline for applying for any of these facilities is 29th July 2023. All these facilities are intended for people with long term disabilities and health conditions. Unfortunately we are not able to provide any specific support to people with temporary injuries.

If you wish to make use of any of the facilities listed above, please follow the steps below:

  1. Purchase your tickets for Green Man as usual, less one adult ticket if you are applying for a 2 for 1 ticket. If you apply for a vehicle or car park pass, you do not need to purchase one.
  2. Email and we send you a link to a form to fill in and upload your supporting evidence.

Please note: We aim to operate on a case-by-case basis as we appreciate that each guest may have different requirements. If you have any questions, have a requirement that hasn’t been catered for in these details or want to submit another form of evidence which is not outlined in this page then please email us details via

It is not necessary to book a pass to camp in the accessible campsite if you do not require a vehicle in the campsite.

All customers who are considering bringing an assistance dog to our festival must apply for consent before the event, by contacting The following rules must be applied also:

1. Assistance dogs must be wearing a working jacket while in the entertainment area

2. Owner is responsible for their behaviour and cleaning up after, by disposing of waste in the designated dog waste bin located in the Accessible Campsite Green Man reserves the right to turn away dogs at the gate who do not comply with this process or meet the requirements of an assistance animal.

1) Personal Assistant 2 for 1 ticket scheme

We operate a ‘2 for 1’ scheme where you are able to bring a Personal Assistant who gets free entry. This ticket is intended for people who would be unable to attend the festival alone due to their disability.

This is only available if you have purchased a teen, student or adult ticket, and would be unable to attend on their own. The personal assistant must be aged 16 or over. If you are attending with a disabled child under the age of 12 who has very high care needs, please contact us to discuss your ticketing needs.

2) Accessible Live-in Vehicle Pass

This pass allows you to have a live-in vehicle (campervan or caravan) within the accessible camping area. You will be allocated a 6m wide pitch, which is usually enough room for one vehicle and a large awning/tent/gazebo or two vehicles and a medium size awning/tent/gazebo. Please be aware there are no power or water hook-ups for vehicles.

3) Accessible Campsite Vehicle Pass

This pass will allow you to park your car next to your tent, but please note this is only awarded if your access needs require you to have continual access to your car. You must explain your specific need for this pass in your application form. Please use the Accessible Car Park to park if at all possible.

NB: You will not be able to move your vehicle at all times during the festival, so this pass is not recommended if you may need to leave site in an emergency.

4) Accessible Car Park Pass

The accessible car park is 100m from the box office and accessible campsite. With an Accessible Car Park Pass you will be able to use the drop-off zone in the campsite to unload and reload. Stewards will be on hand to assist with baggage if required.

5) Viewing platform wristband

There are viewing platforms at the Mountain Stage, Far Out Stage, Walled Garden and Chai Wallahs. There will also be a viewing area next to the Green Man burning on Sunday night. These platforms are solely for the use of disabled festival goers plus one adult companion and any dependent children. Please note that if these platforms are extremely busy, companions may be asked to move to the back of the platform so there is enough room for everyone who needs to sit down to see. Accessible toilets will be located next to each viewing platform.

6) Deaf and Hard of Hearing

BSL performance interpreters and/or an induction loop can be provided on request for performances. If you require this service please contact by 6th July 2023 to request this.

Evidence Accepted

If you are applying for a 2 for 1 ticket or a vehicle pass, we will require a scan or digital photo of one of the following pieces of evidence to support your application:

  • Access Card with the +1 symbol (for 2 for 1 ticket) and/or the Distance or Wheelchair symbol (for vehicle passes).
  • A confirmation letter showing receipt of the "Daily Living" component (for 2 for 1 tickets) and/or the "Getting Around" / "Mobility" component (for vehicle passes) of PIP or DLA dated within the last 12 months.
  • If you are currently in the process of appealing a PIP decision, please contact us to discuss other evidence you may use.
  • A confirmation letter showing receipt of Attendance Allowance dated within the last 12 months.
  • A confirmation letter showing receipt of Employment and Support Allowance dated within the last 12 months.
  • Both sides of your Blue Badge (for vehicle passes only).
  • Proof of registration as severely sight impaired.
  • Proof of diagnosis of being on the autistic spectrum.
  • A letter from a doctor or other medical professional confirming you could not attend the festival alone (for 2 for 1 ticket) and/or have a disability or medical condition that requires you to use the accessible campsite or car park (for vehicle passes).

Accessible Campsite

The accessible campsite is positioned between Family Camping and the main arena, near Family Box Office. The accessible campsite is located for convenience and to minimise distances between the car park, box office, campsite and main arena. It is bordered on two sides by trackway, and is next to the main tarmac road that runs through the main arena.

Medical services are provided in the First Aid area at Babbling Tongues. This is 500m from the Accessible Campsite, but if you speak to a steward a member of the medic team can come to you. The medic team includes doctors and paramedics, and there is an ambulance on site. During Settlement, the medics are located near the Stewards Hut, about 50m from the Accessible Campsite.

Guests are welcome to make use of general camping areas, but it is worth noting that parts of the campsite will be located a significant distance from the car parks and/or main arena, and involve walking on grass paths sometimes with steep gradients.

It is worth noting that the accessible campsite is not far from the Mountain Stage, and therefore music can be heard in the campsite while acts are performing there. The Mountain Stage finishes at around 00:30 each night. Other stages continue until 03:00 but cannot be heard from the accessible campsite.

Groups of up to four adults (plus their dependent children) per disabled customer can camp together in the Accessible Campsite.

You are not able to camp next to a vehicle without an Accessible Campsite Vehicle Pass which must be applied for in advance.

Facilities available in the Accessible Campsite

  • Accessible showers
  • Accessible toilets
  • High Dependency Toilet Unit
  • 24-hr covered charging point for power chair batteries. (Charging equipment is supervised but is not secured by the festival, so is left at the owner's risk)
  • Accessibility information tent
  • Chill out tent
  • Fridge to store medication

Accessible showers and toilets

All our accessible toilets and showers will be equipped with RADAR locks. You can either bring your own RADAR key from home, or borrow one from the Accessibility Information Tent for a £10 deposit. These toilets are available for customers with disabilities or long term health conditions (such as crohn’s disease or other bowel or bladder related conditions).

We also have a high dependency unit on site, which has sinks with running water and an electric hoist.

Please do not allow your non-disabled friends and family to borrow your RADAR key, as this results in long queues and the toilets becoming full and unuseable.

Access Around Site

The festival is set amongst the beautiful Brecon Beacons, surrounded by woodland, the river Usk and open grassland. A map of the site showing routes with hard surfaces can be found at Our site is open from 10am Thursday 17th August to 2pm Monday 20th August.

Ground Surface

The majority of the festival site ground surface is grass. In wet conditions the ground can become very muddy. A tarmac covered road links the entertainment areas at the middle level of the event site, and there is now some hardstanding and trackway leading up to the higher level (Far Out area), although the field itself is on an upward slope. There is trackway all the way to the Far Out viewing platform, but please be aware that you will still need to cover some grassy areas once you leave the roads to enter the other areas.


The festival is small but spread out over quite a distance. The main stage is a 200m walk from the accessible campsite, and the other stages are all within 650m.


The site is set out over three levels - Camping, Little Folk and the Mountain Stage are situated at the lower level; Walled Garden Stage, Last Laugh and Talking Shop are situated at the middle level; and Far Out, Chai Wallahs, Round the Twist, and the Cinedrome at the upper level. The gradients between different areas of the festival depend on which route you take, and we advise people with mobility impairments wishing to reach the middle level from the lower level to go via the campsite and onto the main tarmac road. To reach the upper level, take the track from outside the Courtyard towards the Cinedrome.

Regardless of the route taken, the natural gradients involved may present a significant barrier for people who make use of manual wheelchairs and those with serious mobility impairments. Electric wheelchairs can tackle most areas without too much hindrance but the ground is quite uneven in places.

Event Mobility scooter hire

Mobility scooters are available for hire at Green Man, more information is available at Hire is undertaken directly with users at the festival and Event Mobility and is not organised by the festival.

Accessibility golf buggy

We have a dedicated wheelchair-accessible golf buggy on site that can help you get around. Please pre-book at the accessibility information tent to avoid long waits.

Travel And Arrival

If you are travelling by car please follow signs to the Settlers' Gate.

If you intend to be dropped off by car, please make sure you apply for an Accessible Car Park Pass to allow you onto site. All other drop offs will be directed to the Park & Ride.

If are travelling by train and need an accessible free shuttle from the station, please contact by 6th July 2023 to book this in advance.

If you are arriving by coach or shuttle bus from the train station, please contact us to arrange to be collected from the bus gate by our accessibility golf buggy. It is a considerable walk from bus gate to Settlement/Accessible Box Office and accessible camping.

If you are arriving by taxi please instruct the driver to go to Settlers' Gate, and tell the staff at the gate that they are dropping off a disabled customer. The taxi will be able to drive into the accessible car park. This is 20m from the Accessible Box Office and 50m from the Accessible Campsite. Stewards will be available to help with your bags. More information about accessible taxis can be found at