Smart Materials

Smart Materials

You’ve heard of smart phones, smart meters, smart watches… Well now it’s the turn of smart materials.

In the future, solid objects will react, sense, change and move according to their surroundings. This won’t be a result of clever robotics or electronics, but rather the fundamental properties of the stuff itself.

In this talk, award-winning materials scientist and engineer, Dr Anna Ploszajski will be showing you the smart materials that will make the material world around us smarter. Expect to see matter doing things you’ve never seen it do before!

Anna Ploszajski is a materials scientist, engineer and science communicator, and in 2017 was named Young Engineer of the Year by the Royal Academy of Engineering. She regularly performs stand-up comedy about materials and making at venues from the local pub to the Cheltenham Science Festival, and was a UK finalist of FameLab 2017, the world’s biggest science communication competition.

Her public science demos are notorious, and she has demonstrated experiments such as her hand-built Rubens’ Tube to adult and family audiences at venues like the famous Faraday Lecture Theatre at The Royal Institution. Anna has appeared on numerous national radio and TV programs discussing materials engineering, and produces her own podcast called ‘rial talk. She is a regular contributor to Materials World magazine, and has written a chapter on smart materials for Jim Al-Khalili’s new popular science book, 'What’s Next?'.