Fast Familiar present: The Window

Fast Familiar present: The Window

If you knew what might happen in the future, what would that change? And what would you give for that knowledge?

The Window is an immersive audio experience blending story, music and spatial sound. Love and grief; memory and science. In the darkness, you find yourself at the heart of a story about the things families don’t talk about. Spanning three generations and 40 years, it asks what we inherit from the past and what control we have over the future.

The Window is the recipient of one of Alzheimer’s Research UK’s inaugural Inspire Awards and a collaboration between Fast Familiar and Dr Sarah-Naomi James from the MRC Unit for Lifelong Health and Ageing at UCL.

Fast Familiar are an award-winning digital story studio who make audience-centric artworks which are playful, participatory and political. They use digital technology to support new forms of connection in a rapidly-changing world.