Green Man

Things to bring

As much as we’d love to provide everything for you, there are a few things you’re going to have to take care of yourself. Now, we all love sleeping under the stars but these mountains fall cold at night, even during the summer months, so a tent, a sleeping bag and plenty of warm clothes are a must. Don’t forget that this is a UK summer so we’re just as likely to fall prey to rain as we are to be graced by the sunshine, so come fully prepared for both. Wellies and sun-cream, waterproofs and sun hats – ahh, the Great British Summer! Other things to remember include all the basic survival tools; soap, loo roll, spare socks, a torch…anti-ageing moisturising wet wipes?

You will be able to buy plenty of emergency provisions on-site but, as the Scouts so eloquently told us, be prepared.

There are a few FORBIDDEN ITEMS too. The FORBIDDEN ITEMS are: Fireworks or other explosives, pets (except guide dogs), sound systems (there are loads here!), glass bottles, open fires, generators, tin foil barbecues, weapons, bombs etc...

What to bring to Greenman

Food & Drink

Food and drink

As someone far more enlightened than us once professed: food, glorious food. Taking that assertion and joyously running with it, Green Man Festival offers copious amounts of nourishment, including speciality dishes from all corners of the globe. Better still, all of your dietary needs will be catered for and all fresh ingredients will be locally sourced.

Now, there’s little use in a 24-hour license if you have nothing to stock the bars with – so how does this sound? Our very own beer festival, featuring ninety-nine ales, ciders and perries sourced from over twenty Welsh breweries. Silly question – it sounds glorious, we know.

Eight bars, open around the clock, serving our own festival brew, hot toddies, cocktails and anything else you might want or need. Sadly, we can’t allow you to bring your own booze in to the entertainment areas but, as you can see, you’re not going to need it.


Alcohol Policy

Green Man has a 24-hour festival licence and you will be spoilt for choice with loads of locally-sourced beers, ales, ciders, wines and spirits on offer at one of our five fantastic bars open until the wee small hours of the night. Or is that the day?

Feel free to bring your own personal stash (decanted into plastic bottles please) to enjoy in your tents and camper vans, but take note - you'll not be able to bring your booze into the entertainment areas!

Alas, we are not licensed for such shenanigans and anyone trying to sneak their own tipples past our friendly stewards may be searched and be asked to return the alcohol to their tent. And no one wants that now, do they?

Disability Access


We don't want anybody feeling that they can't enjoy Green Man. We put a lot of effort into making sure we can achieve great disability access wherever we possibly can on site. We recommend checking out the full details of our access before buying a ticket — have a read of the information here on the right.


Access information

Contact Details
If you have questions about the information below please contact Harriet Johnson via email:

Access around the site
The Estate is set amongst the beautiful Brecon Beacons. The park is surrounded by woodland, the river Usk, open grass land and a deer park.

Ground surface
The majority of the festival site ground surface is grass. In wet conditions the ground can become very muddy. A tarmac covered road links the entertainment areas at the middle level of the event site, and there are now tarmac roads leading up to the higher level (Far Out area), although the field itself is on an upward slope. Please be aware that you will still need to cover some grassy areas once you leave the roads to enter each of the areas.

The festival is small but spread out over quite a distance.

Event Mobility Scooters

Mobility scooters are available for hire at Green Man. Please click this link for more information Hire is undertaken directly with users at the festival and Event Mobility and is not organisd by the festival.

The site is set out over three levels - Camping, Kids Area and the Mountain Stage are situated at the lower level, Walled Garden Stage, Comedy and Literature Tent are situated at a middle level, with the Far Out, Far Out After Dark, and Film Tent at a higher level.

The gradients between different areas of the festival depend on which route you take, and we advise people with mobility impairments wishing to reach the middle level from the lower level to go via the camp-site and through the left of the stable area when going up the hill as the gradient is easier to access.

Regardless of the route taken, the natural gradients involved may present a significant barrier for people who make use of manual wheelchairs and those with serious mobility impairments. Electric wheelchairs can tackle most areas without too much hindrance but the ground is quite uneven in places. We operate a 2:1 personal assistant scheme; see below for more info.

An accessible drop-off point is located at the accessible car-park, stewards will be available should you require help.

Accessible Campsite
General camping facilities are spread over a significant area of the park and everyone is free to choose where they camp however, careful consideration should be given to the choice of camping area. The distance to and from the general camping areas is great and in places the gradients are severe. Not all of the paths or roads are tarmac.

The Accessible Camping Area is positioned next to the Family Camping Area and is in the most logical place for anyone with physical access requirements. It is about 5 minutes from the main arena and close to a tarmac road that leads into various parts of the festival.Accessible showers and toilets will be located in the accessible campsite, along with a 24-hr covered charging point for power chair batteries. Charging equipment is supervised but is not secured by the festival, so is left at the owner risk.

Please note that access toilets & showers in the accessible campsite will be locked, the code will be sent to you before the festival, and will also be available from stewards and festival staff during the festival.Some people are worried that the Accessible Camping Area might be too close to the main stage and therefore noisy at night. It is not that close so this won’t be a problem but festivals are noisy by nature, so it is always advisable to bring ear plugs along with you to the festival, just in case.

Groups can camp together in the Accessible Camping Area, but this must be arranged when purchasing your ticket.

You are not able to camp next to a vehcile without an Accessible Campsite Vehicle Pass which must be applied for. The accessibe car park is only 20m from the campsite.


Accessible Facilities

Customers can book the following access facilities via the festival:
1. 2:1 ticket for a personal assistant (evidence required)
2. Parking within the accessible campsite
3. Parking in the accessible parking
4. Viewing platform wristband

It is not necessary to book a pitch in the accessible campsite, see ‘Additional Access Information’ below for more details.

1) 2:1 ticket for a personal assistant
We operate a ‘2 for 1’ scheme where you are able to bring a Personal Assistant who gets free entry. This scheme is for the exclusive use of people who would otherwise be unable to attend Green Man unless they have the assistance of another person on site.
Tickets for personal assistants are posted out a month in advance of the festival, and evidence is required in order to be granted a ticket – see Applying for accessible facilities below.

2) Parking within the accessible campsite
An accessible parking permit allows you to park your car next to your tent within the accessible camping area.

3) Parking in the accessible parking
The accessible car park is 100m from the box office and accessible campsite. Stewards will be on hand to assist with baggage if required.

4) Viewing platform wristband
There are viewing platforms at the Mountain Stage and Far Out Stage. These platforms are solely for the use of disabled festival goers plus their personal assistant or a companion. Please note that is the platforms are extremely busy, companions may be asked to leave the platform so there is enough room for everyone who needs to use it. Accessible toilets will be located next to each viewing platform.

Applying for bookable access facilities
If you wish to make use of any of the facilities listed above, please follow the steps below:

1. Purchase a standard ticket for Green Man
2. Request access requirements by contacting Harriet Johnson

We will then request your booking reference number, confirmation of what facilities you require, and evidence that you are eligible for the 2:1 scheme if applying.Once your request has been confirmed, we will send you confirmation via email. You can then expect to receive tickets/passes etc in the post a month before the festival.

Evidence accepted:
A photocopy/scan of one of the following official documents (dated within the past 12 months if DLA or Attendance Allowance) makes you automatically eligible for the 2:1 Scheme. Please do not send the original copy.

• Front page of DLA letter
• Front page of Attendance Allowance letter
• Evidence that registered severely sight impaired (blind)
• Recognised Assistance Dog ID card

In addition, copies of the following two pieces of evidence are required in order to reserve an accessible parking space:

• Valid Blue Badge
• Photo ID

Please note:We aim to operate on a case-by-case basis as we appreciate that each guest may have different requirements. If you have any questions, have a requirement that hasn’t been catered for in these details or want to submit another form of evidence which is not outlined in this page then please use the access requirement form to tell us or email details via

Hire of a wheelchair or scooter on site
Customers planning to stay in the accessible campsite can hire a wheelchair or scooter via Chairs and scooters are dispensed within the accessible campsite. These must be booked in advance and are allocated on a first come first served basis.

Accessible toilets will be located at the following areas:

  • at each toilet block in the entertainment areas
  • in first aid area
  • next to each viewing platform
  • accessible campsite

Medical services
Certain medical support is available from the onsite medical centre but any specific medical needs should be discussed before purchasing a ticket.

Our onsite ambulance team can store and refrigerate your medicine. Please ensure you place your medicine in a zip lock bag with a copy of your passport photo or similar. For security, on collection please show the ambulance team your photo ID. This system will ensure the ambulance team can safely look after your medication, which will be accessible 24 hours a day. Please collect your medicine by 10am Monday 18th August 2014.

Patrons are advised that laser, strobe and other lighting effects may be in use at the festival site.

Contact Details
If you have any questions about the information below, please contact us via email:

Being Green

Help Keep The Green Man Green

With so many lovely faces on the Green Man site, it’s understandable that more than half of the waste generated at the festival both comes from our guests, and is left within the campsite areas. However! All this means is that you can make a huge difference to the mess that’s left behind - and we would really appreciate your help in keeping Green Man green!

We wouldn’t dream of asking you to take all your rubbish home with you, so we’ve done our best to arrange for its disposal in the greenest and most cost effective ways. Which is where you come in!

Can’t take it home?

Should you have any equipment or supplies that you want to leave, then please put them in a clear bag and leave it at Keep Green Man Green stall or the Stewards point in Settlement. We will up-cycle them with local charities wherever possible!

Please consider what you bring with you and try and reduce it as much as is reasonably possible. Consider the packaging and leave as much as possible in your bins at home. This means less to carry too!


Nappy bins are provided within the family campsite and the accessible campsite. By making the extra little effort to keep these separate from all other waste you are helping us to keep our excellent litter pickers happy and hygienically safe - so a big thank-you from them in advance.


Please use the cigarette butt pouches, available from the concession stalls, rather than dropping them! They all have to be picked up so please do your best to help us out.


Drinking water is provided throughout the festival site. You do not need to bring numerous heavy loads of water and hence plastic. Bring your own bottles to refill or purchase one at the Green Man shop. Plan to eat out at the various amazing food stalls as much as possible when onsite, all of which provide compostable food ware and fair trade produce!


Upon arrival you will be provided at the box offices with several plastic bags:

Clear bags are for recycling! Paper, Cardboard, Plastic, Cans and Glass.

Black bags are for non-recyclable waste e.g everything else!

Please try and separate all your recyclables from non-recyclable waste! Perhaps share common bags with your neighbours; rubbish is always a good way of breaking the ice!

Please leave your clear and black bags separately at the rubbish holding points located throughout the campsites. Also remember that you can take your full clear bags to the Keep Green Man Green stall (located near the steps) during the festival for a small prize in return. If you need more bags you can get these from the Box offices, Keep Green Man Green stall, the Stewards point in Settlement or from any Litter pickers you see; so please just ask us.

Arena areas will be well furnished with waste bins (oil drums) and recycling bins (wheelie bins). Again, please try your hardest to put your rubbish in the correct means – it makes a huge difference!

Contact Us

All ticket order related questions

If you have any questions regarding your ticket order, please contact Ticketline with your ticket reference number at the ready.

Festival rules

No second chances — we want everyone to have a good time

No smoking


Unless you’ve been living on Mars since July 1st 2007 you’ll know that smoking in the UK is now banned in all public places – Green Man is not immune to the law. Luckily for those who like the odd puff, most of the festival happens outside and the only places you will be forbidden from smoking are inside the entertainment marquees. Areas where you cannot smoke will have “no smoking” signs, so please adhere to them. Cheers.

No drugs


Guests may be searched on entry to Green Man and if you are in possession of any illegal substance you will be refused entry and may be arrested. Enough said.

No fires

No fires

FIRES! We love fires! You’ll get to see just how much come the final night, however we do ask you not to take matters in to your own hands. Camping stoves, barbecues on legs are completely fine but please refrain from hosting your own campfire soirées or using cheap disposable barbecues that ruin our luscious green carpet.

No glass

Glass bottles

GLASS! It’s heavy and dangerous, so stick to plastic and cans please. You’re more than welcome to bring your own assemblage of ales and tonics on to the site but please note that it won’t be permitted in to the entertainment areas. We mentioned the vast array of ales, ciders, lagers and fully-stocked, 24-hour drinking-holes already, right? Right!

No boomboxes


MUSIC! While it’s the bedrock of the Green Man shindig, we ask that you leave the entertainment to us. We’ll provide you with music all day and Green Man Radio will fill in all the gaps so please leave any amplified systems/hi-fis etc safely at home. The quiet of the mountains at night is a beautiful experience and one that us, and our neighbours, love to partake in, so please do respect that .

Terms & Conditions


Read our T&C’s

As a result of purchase of ticket and entry onto the festival site all ticket holders consent to the following: 1. No admission without a ticket. 2. Tickets are non-transferable between 18th and 22nd August 2016. 3. Do not leave money or valuables in your tents or cars as thieves sometimes operate in the camping areas. 4. All ticket holders and crew agree to comply with any searches which designated festival security deem necessary to their person, vehicle, live in vehicle, luggage or equipment. 5. Lasers and strobe lighting maybe used at the festival. 6. Be aware music played may well be in excess of 100 decibels and prolonged exposure can damage hearing especially to young children. 7. People with disabilities interested in using the disabled facilities at the festival should apply directly to 8. No swimming allowed, people swimming in the river Usk will be ejected from site. 9. Under 18s including Teenage Ticket holders must be accompanied by an adult (aged over 21) at all times. 10. Children aged 4 and under are free but require an Infant ticket to attend The Green Man Festival, Children aged 5-12 require a Little Folk Ticket, up to 4 children may come with one adult (aged over 21) ticket holder. 11. Photo ID regarding the age of adults and children and NUS or ISICS membership for students attending may be requested at the box office. 12. Live in vehicle tickets must be bought in advance and cannot be obtained at the box office. Only live in vehicles and caravans are allowed in the designated campsite - no cars are allowed in the campsites. 13. All live in vehicles/trailer tents/caravans/tipis can only camp in the live in vehicle area reached via the Live In Gate on the A40 and having entered the site cannot leave until the 22nd of August 2016. 14. All live in vehicles under 6m in length require a Campervan Pass, all live in vehicles over 6m or that are towed by another vehicle require a Motorhome Pass, maximum permitted length of Motorhomes or caravan and car together is 9m. 15. Tents will be removed if erected on fire lanes. 16. Hired temporary accommodation must be obtained from Green Man's specified contractors, which are separate organisations from the Green Man Festival who are therefore not responsible for any problems arising. 17. Line-up is subject to change. 18. No pets, sound systems, glass bottles, alcohol, open fires, generators or tin foil barbeque, allowed on site.19. Trespassing on adjoining private property will result in expulsion. 20. No unauthorised recordings of the event. All images and sound recordings remain the property of the Green Man Festival. 21. Cameras for personal use allowed. 22. Ticket holders consent to the filming, sound recording and photography of themselves as part of the audience. 23. Tickets will not be refunded in any circumstances, other than the total cancellation of the event, when only the face value of the ticket will be refunded. 24. Rights of admission reserved. 25. Ticket holders enter at their own risk. 26. Medical matters are dealt with by Medic 1 Direct Ltd. This is a separate organisation from the Green Man Festival who is not therefore responsible for any problems arising. 27. Dangerous behaviour, fly pitching or sale of any other goods or other unauthorised trading will result in immediate expulsion from the site. 28. The Green Man Festival has no liability for the loss or damage of vehicles, goods or other materials belonging to guests and crew attending The Green Man Festival 2016. 29. You are permitted to bring alcohol for your own personal consumption into the camp-sites but not into the Event Area - this is a condition of our license. 30. Walking along the B4558 to Crickhowell is not permitted; pedestrians will only be admitted to site via the Tower Bridge reached by footpath along the river Usk. 31. We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone we suspect of bringing in alcohol not for personal consumption. 32. Vehicles parked in the Live In Vehicle Camping may only have one awning or one small tent pitched next to them. 33. It is illegal to sell alcohol to or purchase alcohol for fewer than 18s. For licensing reasons people aged 17 and under must stay at least 2m away from any bar front on site. If you appear to be under 21 you will be asked for ID.

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