Green man has separate areas for General Camping, Family Camping, Live-in Vehicle Camping and Disabled Camping - all equipped with plentiful toilets (cleaned at regular intervals to prevent nasty niffs) as well as hot showers, fresh water taps and rubbish and recycling facilities.

It’s a festival, so make sure you have plenty of fun, but please follow a few simple ground rules to ensure everyone is a happy camper:

1) Because of the fire risk, no open fires or tinfoil barbeques are allowed on site. Proper camping stoves or barbeques on legs are fine but just be careful if you’ve had a couple of ciders! Nobody wants to be responsible for burning Green Man to the ground – not until the final night, anyway.

2) No glass bottles are allowed on any part of the festival site (including the camping areas) and although you’re welcome to bring a personal stash of alcohol into the campsites you will not be able to bring booze into the entertainment areas where there are licensed bars. See the alcohol section of these pages for more information.

3) No sound systems, amplified music, ghetto blasters, electric guitars, drum kits etc…are allowed in the camping areas. Who needs them anyway when you’ve got an amazing festival line-up and Green Man Radio broadcasting round-the-clock? If we break the noise limits in our licence then there is no Green Man = no fun and sad faces all around. So bring your headphones and please respect your fellow campers, even if they do snore heavily throughout the night.

Please note that all campsites close and must be empty by midday (12noon) on the Monday 18 August following the festival, so raging hangover or not, don’t get locked in and left behind!

Please be a happy camper and clean up after yourself to leave our beautiful site as near as possible to how you found it. Leaving tents/airbeds/people behind is not big or clever