Green Man

Einstein's Garden

A playful collision of the inspiring and unexpected, where scientists and artists mingle. You could be the catalyst for all kinds of exciting new reactions, so step into the Garden and start exploring...

Every year thousands of you pass through the Garden and take a detour into the far reaches of the imagination. We’ve always been dedicated to nurturing your curiosity, and Einstein’s Garden is the unique result – making science and nature an inspiring part of your Green Man adventure.

Music, comedy and spoken word; innovative and fun presentations from scientists; walks, talks and interactive experiences. You’ll encounter them all here, across our three sustainably powered stages, and it’s a combination you won’t find anywhere else!

This year we’ll be working with our fantastic scientific partners to create more unique Einstein’s Garden experiences, thanks to the support of the Wellcome Trust, who’ve recognised Green Man’s commitment to celebrating the wonder of science. Join us for an eye-opening, mind-blowing weekend of discovery.

The Acts

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Mountain’s Foot

Glorious by day and bewitching by night. Witness the finest musical talent under the watchful gaze of Crug Hywel and Sugar Loaf.

Far Out

Other-worldly adventures for the nightowls. Come and explore its mischievous nooks and crannies.

Walled Garden

Our (not so) secret garden. Dance, drink and be immersed in intimate live music inside the ancient walls.

Nature Nurture

A haven of holistic realignment. Stretch, unwind, and set free those final few drops of stress.

The Courtyard

Slap bang in the middle of Green Man, The Courtyard is your best bet for an absolutely mouthwatering pint of something refreshing. What a cracking spot to lose track of time with friends.

Little Folk

Our all-encompassing, supremely safe children’s area. Packed with colourful creations and tree-swinging tykes, this year’s theme is the jungle. We have adventures awaiting the tiniest explorers to the most intrepid 12-year-olds. Perfectly plonked next door to the family camping.Little Folk will be open a day earlier this year.. Thurs 12:00 - 18:00 / Fri, Sat & Sun 9.30 - 18:00 This year's Little Folk parade will take place at 4.30pm on Sunday 21st.

Babbling Tongues

Where wagging chins and lubricated larynxes celebrate the spoken word in all its rollicking glory. Spread out, get silly and listen in while yarns are spun and giggles are had.

Fortune Falls

A shamanic hideaway for the creative and cultured. Gaze at eye-catching installations and discover bright-eyed new bands.


Somewhere is our action-­packed area for 13­-17 year olds. Make friends, fall in love, maybe even change the world! We’ve got circus skills, film making, football tournaments and the rest.

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