Babbling Tongues

Overflowing with innovative ideas and belly laughs by the bucketload, Babbling Tongues is our venue for groundbreaking chatter and rib-tickling comedy. Prepare to be enlightened and entertained in equal measure as soon as you enter this linguaphile’s paradise, where the Talking Shop hosts literature, talks and debates alongside snigger-worthy stand-ups and comedy acts on our Last Laugh lineup.

Area highlights

It’s not just those on-stage who get to have their say. Join fellow wordsmiths in our Babbler’s Bar, where craft-beer fuelled conversation and unconventional ideas are jovially exchanged. Stock up on inspiration with records and crafts from the Babbler’s Bazaar, or simply bask in our oasis of free thought and allow the deluge of discussion to expand your horizons. Remember to return after nightfall, when Last Laugh’s wryest wits come out to play during generous dollops of after-dark comedy.