Three Trapped Tigers


TTT are a band born out of a common challenge…

Bonding over the idea of dragging elements of IDM into the format of a live band, replacing computers with humans, rendering a backing track redundant and adding a humanized dimension to a robotic genre.

This experimental trio from London play like three caged beasts – sheer raw energy and power contained.

“The starting point was ‘how do we do IDM live’?” explains Tom Rogerson (Keys/Vox). “The crazy drum programming is the essence of the genre, there’s no way to replicate a drum machine going 250 bpm, it’s humanly impossible… but the attempt will throw up something interesting”

Forming in 2008 and taking their name from a book by Cuban writer Guillermo Cabrera Infante, they set themselves the challenge of writing, recording and self releasing 3 EPs.  Allowing for growth and development as a band prior to approaching work on a debut LP.

“We wanted to slow things down a bit, and make sure we'd tried lots of different approaches before going into an album. The three EPs let us develop our sound and concept in many different directions in quite a scattergun way which might not make sense on a full-length.”

May 30th 2011 sees the release of the band’s highly anticipated debut album ‘Route One Or Die’.

The opening track can be downloaded for free at

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