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Teeth Of The Sea - A.C.R.O.N.Y.M.

Since their initial formation in 2006, the London-based Teeth Of The Sea have metamorphosized into the most adventurous and intrepid psychedelic rock outfit in the UK. Taking on board influences like Ennio Morricone, Eno, Delia Derbyshire, Goblin, Butthole Surfers and Harmonia, their two albums for Rocket Recordings, 'Orphaned By The Ocean' and 'Your Mercury' showcase  an incendiary sound that effortlessly marries the aural enlightenment of a far-reaching avant-garde sensibility with the reckless fury of a junkyard rock & roll imperative.

Teeth Of The Sea exist on a strange and beguiling astral plane, whereby the boundaries between the synth odysseys of the 70s, the guitar-noise-fuelled infernos of the 80s, horrorscore schlock, Reich-ian repetition, and a whole plethora of other cathode-ray and speaker-stack birthed epiphanies are blurred into one futuristic and fearsomely coherent whole.

Following an enormously rewarding 2011 that saw them take their scintaillating sonics on the road with British Sea Power, Esben And The Witch and Parts And Labor, play the Supersonic, Standon Calling, Raw Power and Supernormal festivals, and perform 'Reaper', their brand new and specially commisioned audio-visual re-imagining of Neil Marshall's Doomsday at the Branchage Film Festival in Jersey, Teeth Of The Sea are currently writing and recording their third album for Rocket, for release later in 2012, and it looks sure to see them visiting new orbits and fresh abandon alike. 

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