Richard Warren


Richard Warren is back with a new studio album 'The Wayfarer', the follow up to his
critically acclaimed 2010 debut 'Laments'.

Driving folk-punk, full of the fire and working class pride, stripped to a brutally sparse frame
and conjuring up spirits of the death-balladeers of the Fifties.

His musical career began in the mid 90s and has encompassed everything from the dynamic
power-pop of 'The Hybirds', to an ephemeral burst of cult success as sonic explorer
'Echoboy', not to mention a few revolutions of the planet as guitar-man for hire with
Spiritualized and Soulsavers (featuring the legendary Mark Lanegan).

Warren's shows have been described as "Lynchian", one reviewer commenting that "he
plays songs of a man who's seen it all and was largely unimpressed".

"An accomplished guitarist with an ear for the dramatic.
Like Richard Hawley's accursed brother." THE INDEPENDENT ****

"Twangling Like Roy Orbison and kicking up dust Gun Club style." UNCUT ***

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