The Pastels

The Pastels, Slow Summits

The description "cult band" usually suggests a group that has been going for a while but is only really important to a very small number of people. This definition can be applied to The Pastels, in that they are a permanent feature of student bedrooms, scouring out the back rooms of the Western world. Such an impression may be unfair, as is the fact that good fortune always seems to have eluded them. But their music has been a breath of fresh air - and a fistful of dollars - to a whole generation of musicians, and it doesn't stop with Teenage Fanclub. Sonic Youth rate them, and JAMC and Kurt Cobain revered them. "Les Inrockuptibles" Paris, France.

We are extremely excited to be able to announce a new Pastels record for 2013. Slow Summits is the record we waited so long for, wondered about, pencilled in then pencilled out, and now finally, triumphantly can pencil back in... but not with a pencil, with a flourish, with a fountain pen.  Because it's that kind of record.

Recorded in Glasgow and mixed in Chicago, Slow Summits is already bringing some much needed optimism to 2013, why not let it do the same for you? Here's a trailer they cut for it with their friend, Blair Young from The Forest Of Black. Check it out.

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