This Is The Kit

Concert "This Is the Kit" Lagrasse 10 Mai 2013 (Part 6)

This Is The Kit is the shape shifting musical project of Kate Stables who sings and plays banjo and guitar sometimes solo and other times plays with musical friends.

This Is The Kit has released two albums and a handful of singles since 2006.

They have toured in the uk, japan, and europe and may appear in many guises: solo, duo, psychedelic rock-formation, 4-4-2, unplugged acoustic gigs, choir workshops, homeshows and busking.

They have had the pleasure of supporting people like Jeffrey Lewis, Herman Dune, Jose Gonzales, John Parish, The National and Jolie Holland.

Their 2008 album ‘Krülle Bol’, was produced by John Parish and 2010 album “Wriggle Out The Restless” features members of Francois and The Atlas Mountains, The Liftmen, and Get The Blessing, to name but a few.

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