Daughter - Youth (The Wild Youth EP)

Daughter is Elena Tonra, Igor Haefeli & Remi Aguilella.

They write dark, ethereal & beautiful songs that showcase a group of young musicians experimenting delicately with a rich array of songwriting ideas and yet remain intent on pouring out their soul pure and unadulterated. 

Having launched with the stunning six-minute ‘Love’, a brooding, stark lament that shifts shape & form as it builds to it’s startling crescendo, ‘The Wild Youth’ is Daughter’s current, stunning EP. Like their jaw-dropping live show it’s a collection of songs that beautifully weave the intimacy and honesty of timeless, classic folk with the glacial, experimental soundscapes that draw to mind the work of Bjork & Jonsi Birgisson.     

Having made a series of demo tracks available at the end of 2010 via their social network pages, Daughter’s star has gently risen, collecting fans one-by-one as these tracks were gradually shared amongst enthusiastic friends and bloggers. 

As the support grew Daughter found themselves moving - slowly, at first - up The Hype Machine. Within a month - and as the momentum grew - they'd reached #3 in the Most Popular Song Chart. The Independent's Barometer column subsequently noting of their "beautifully-sung, literary folk" and "ethereal melancholy" as they tipped them as a One to Watch. 

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