Casey and Ewan's Crystal Massage for the Eyes

Filmmakers Ewan Jones Morris and Casey Raymond provide four hours of music videos and whacked-out art-trash visuals.

The Line-Up:

Jemma Roper

New project of former Sammo Hung and Heck chanteuse Jemma Roper. Fantastic retro-futurist glam, chattering beats and galloping rhythms, brittle art rock, magical realism and Russian literature.


Them Squirrels

Them Squirrels are a Cardiff based four piece, a couple of them skiving off from Islet. Prog pop songs with mewing kittens that are both playful and angular.


Victorian English Gentleman's Club

TVEGC get pleasure from building cold-hearted shambolic weirdo pop music with drums, voices, mandolins, shrutis, bow-screamos, sparrows, telephones and bells. They are currently recording their forth album in Paris with Jim Sclavunos of The Bad Seeds. Their new expanded lineup includes Heddwyn Davies from Cardiff's Threatmantics on viola and mandolin.


Meanz Heinz

Ms Hz = 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 ∞

We wish we had Cate Le Bon, R. Seilog, Sweet Baboo and H Hawkline playing, instead we have to make do with these guys.


Lovely Eggs

“You won't hear another band like this anywhere between now and the the end of the millenium. The Lovely Eggs are just brilliant!”- Huw Stephens, Radio One

The Lovely Eggs are a DIY punk-rock duo from northern England. They have a fierce punk rock ethos that music should have no rules.

For Holly and David being in a band is a way of life. True to this, they live the way they play. Fiercely, constantly in search of the good times.


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