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Buke & Gase: "Misshaping Introduction"

Change is good. Picasso had a “blue period” and then he said “f*&k that” and invented Cubism. Gauguin moved to Tahiti to shed European ideals and dive headlong into Primitivism. The Stones cozied up in a chateau on the French Riviera to escape the city, wives, and bad habits and write Exile on Main Street. We’re not saying Buke and Gase are the Stones or a dead painter, but when you live in the busiest city in the world, escape can be the mother of invention. It can be said three notable changes led to the new sounds that are encapsulated on General Dome, their new full-­-length released on January 29th on Brassland...

First Thing: In 2011, Aron Sanchez moved from New York City to his home in upstate Hudson, NY, and Arone Dyer thusly followed, therein marking a large geographical change. She then began riding a motorcycle, the obvious next step from racing and building bicycles, and has been exploring this new form of excitement vigorously and often. She claims it comes across in the new music.

Second Thing: They rented a cavernous empty room in between heavily used railroad tracks, warehouses and the Hudson River, and set up a temporary recording studio, a far cry from their previous digs, Aron’s tight little basement space. The recordings have hints of their surroundings, such as natural reverb, train horns, rumbling annoyances, and the size of the new space also led to a grander songwriting style. As per usual, they recorded and mixed it themselves. During this time, Aron purchased a myriad of new guitar pedals in his ever-­-enduring chase for the "perfect gase* sound" which, to this date, he has yet to find.

Third Thing: Out with the old and in with the new. A buke** creation by their friend now replaces the wooden-­-toy that formerly occupied Arone's hands. This new “battle axe” is made of steel salvaged from an automobile, with a halved pipe acting as the neck.

And so, hot on the heels of their recent “Function Falls” EP, our favorite self-­-invented duo returns with General Dome. One track, “Hiccup,” has already been unleashed, which Pitchfork dubbed a “Best New Track” and calls a “mobilising, bodily cry.”

On each of their releases to date, Buke & Gase have never been anything less than absolutely thrilling.” -­- Pitchfork

*gase = (pronounced “gace”) -­- a guitar-­-bass hybrid of Aron Sanchez’s own creation.

**buke = (pronounced “byook”) -­- a self-­-modified six-­-string former baritone ukulele.

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